Monthly Archives: March 2015

Courtesy, On Line and On the Road

I’ve been thinking about my father lately, because he died nine years ago this week in an automobile accident. He was one of 42,642 deaths on American roads in 2006, an annual slaughter we apparently consider an acceptable cost for our motorized way of life.1 You might think there’s something Freudian in my subsequent decision […]

Alternatives to Driving

For the person who has decided to give up owning a car, several transportation methods are available. The first is attached to the end of your legs. When you get out from behind the wheel, you will walk more. It’s inevitable. It’s also good for you. Walking is great exercise. Two months into my new […]

Welcome to Slower Traffic

  I stopped owning cars in 2007. At first, I decided to try it for a year. But after only a few months, the benefits – physical, financial and mental – became apparent. I am now into my ninth year as a happy, productive, non-car-owning American. I live in Bangor, Maine, a city of approximately […]