Monthly Archives: July 2015

When Your Car Drives You

Recently I decided to do something nice for my car-owning girlfriend. A front panel on her vehicle was being devoured by rust, and I had some fiberglass left over from a spring repair on my sailboat. Why not use it to patch her car? It seemed like a good project for a free weekend. I’m […]

Bus Service For the Price of a Beer

The Hampden Town Council will vote this Monday, July 20, on whether to continue to fund Saturday bus service. If they vote no, Saturday runs along the Hampden route will end on August 1. The meeting is at 7 pm in the council chambers of the Hampden Municipal Building. It will be sad if, on […]

Capital Gains

A recent visit to Washington, D.C. got me thinking about bicycles and government, in that order. I arrived Sunday morning by bus from Richmond, Virginia, and departed by train that evening, leaving me some time to explore a city I had not visited since the Carter administration. Much had changed. I had never seen the […]

Gimme Three Feet

In warm weather I regularly bicycle between Orono and Bangor. If I’m pressed for time in the morning, I’ll put my bike on the rack on the Community Connector bus and ride home after my work is done. The return trip is marginally easier by bicycle, as it follows the Penobscot River, and all rivers […]