Monthly Archives: August 2015

Why Are Some Drivers So Angry At Bicyclists?

In last week’s entry I offered statistical evidence that the presence of bicyclists makes the roads safer for all users. Several readers took issue with this. But the facts don’t lie. They point to the conclusion that as drivers become more aware of bicycles on the road and the possibility of encountering them, they slow […]

More Bicycles Make Roads Safer for Everyone

While researching this week’s post, I ran across a fascinating study, entitled “The Relationship Between Bicycles and Traffic Safety For All Road Users.” Its author, Jasmine A. Martin, submitted it in December 2014 as part of her master’s thesis in City Planning and Traffic Engineering at California Polytechnic State University. The study, which runs over […]

A City is Only as Good as its Downtown

I do the bulk of my writing in an office in downtown Bangor. (I also write on buses, but that’s a story for another time.) Recently I needed to replace an ink cartridge in my printer. I also needed to get my glasses adjusted, for they kept slipping down my nose. This is a problem […]

Fun Without a Car

  In my last post I wrote that cars cost twice as much as most people think they do, and encouraged people to think twice before buying one. The most interesting response came from a reader named Robert West, who wrote: “Some people are way too active to adopt a no-vehicle lifestyle, no matter the […]